In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 530 (Rendon), authorizing the creation of a local “Working Group” to develop a Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (LLARRP). This plan will be part of an update to LA County’s Master Plan by addressing the unique and diverse needs of the Lower LA River.  It will also start a conversation about how the entire 51-mile river can be managed collaboratively.


The Working Group’s goal is to create a robust restoration plan that lays the groundwork for a revitalized Lower LA River that connects residents to the river that flows through their communities. Learn about their members and meetings at the Working Group page.


The San Gabriel and Lower LA Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and the LA County Department of Public Works  provide staff support and technical experts to support the Working Group and development of the LLARRP.  Learn more about the planning process and events related to the LLARRP process.