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The Lower Los Angeles River is an important part of many communities in Southeast Los Angeles County. Today, it mainly serves as a flood control channel to protect our communities.  Yet many residents also enjoy walking, biking, horse riding, recreation, and wildlife viewing in and near the river.

In 2015, Assembly Bill 530, introduced by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, was adopted for the creation of a local “Working Group” to develop the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (Plan).  The  Working Group focused on approximately 19 miles of the Lower LA River from the City of Vernon to the LA River outlet in the City of Long Beach.  The Lower LA River passes through numerous jurisdictions, including unincorporated County communities and cities.

The Plan identifies ways to maintain flood control infrastructures, restore natural features where possible, create opportunities for recreation, and address issues related to economics, health, equity, safety, accessibility, and connectivity in the corridor’s communities.  It will also be included in an update to the LA County’s Master Plan for the entire 51-mile LA River.



The San Gabriel and Lower LA Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and the LA County Department of Public Works  provided staff support and technical experts to support the Working Group and development of the Plan.  Learn more about the planning process and events related to the Plan process.