Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan
The Lower LA River Revitalization Plan aims to connect residents to the river that flows through their communities. The Plan ensures that the Los Angeles River continues to provide flood risk management while restoring natural features, increases access to the river, creates opportunities for recreation, and promotes equity.

The Lower LA River Revitalization Plan is now available.
Key Resources
In addition to the comprehensive LLARR Plan, check out the two key documents created by the Working Group to stabilize, engage, and educate the communities.

   * Community Stabilization Toolkit
   * Watershed Education Plan (WEP)
Next Step: Implementation
There are still ways to get involved! The Lower LA River Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) will be established to provide an outlet for public discussion of proposed projects related to the Lower LA River.

Check back soon for more details on the first IAG meeting.

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