Lower LA River Revitalization Plan

To see all Plan related documents, please visit https://lowerlariver.org/the-plan/

Lower LA River Implementation Advisory Group

The Lower LA River Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) aims to ensure that subsequently implemented projects are carried out in accordance with the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan and that stakeholders continue to have a voice in implementation. In its role as an advisory body, the IAG will provide guidance on proposed projects, but ultimately, individual entities with jurisdiction along the river corridor including the LA County Flood Control District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities will continue having decision-making authority. Project proponents interested in submitting their projects to the IAG can fill out the Project Review Packet and send it to LowerLARiver@dpw.lacounty.gov for review. Read More.

Agendas, summaries, and other materials for previous IAG and Committee Meetings can be found here.

The Project Information Packet (PIP) Form can be found and submitted here.

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The Lower Los Angeles River (River) is the core of southeast Los Angeles and serves a critical role by managing flood risk. It protects life and property by collecting stormwater from surrounding areas and conveying it to the ocean. The River’s paths and trails also provide a space for the community to recreate and travel within the region. Despite these functions, the River’s potential value as a place for relaxation, discovery, recreation, tourism, and economic development is yet to be realized. Read More.