Signature Projects

Seven signature projects were identified by the Working Group as key opportunities to meet the goals and objectives of the Plan, and underwent more detailed analysis.

  • Atlantic Blvd and Upper Segment Multi-Use Easement
    • Location: Atlantic Boulevard to Southern Avenue
    • Potential Features: Expanded multi-use path, bike and pedestrian connections and crossings, green street, gateway park, access points, passive recreation area, habitat corridor, stormwater capture facility, etc.
  • Cudahy River Park
    • Location: Clara Street to Randolph Street
    • Potential Features: Multi-use bridge, channel access, river crossing, levee terracing, Clara Street complete street, river road shared street, habitat/stormwater management facility, community garden, etc.
  • Rio Hondo Confluence
    • Location: Southern Avenue to Century Boulevard
    • Potential Features: Modified low-flow channel, vegetated terraces, river crossings, access ramp, bridge park, improved multi-use access, new open space, upland habitat area, amphitheater and historical center, community center, etc.
  • Middle Segment Crossover and Multi-Use Easement
    • Location: Greenleaf Boulevard to Del Amo Boulevard
    • Potential Features: Habitat corridor, multi-use river trail, riverfront outlook, multi-modal crossing, bike repair and pedestrian amenities, open space, etc.
  • Compton Creek Confluence
    • Location: Santa Fe Avenue to Ridgewood Street
    • Potential Features: Levee terracing, low-flow crossings, in river access, pump stations, recreation areas, community center, open space, etc.
  • Wrigley Heights River Park
    • Location: Wardlow Road to E 208th Street
    • Potential Features: Wetlands, recharge basins, culvert, soccer fields, community center, community garden, native planting, multi-modal paths, etc.
  • LAR South of Willow Street
    • Location: 28th Street to the Pacific Coast Highway
    • Potential Features: Breakaway floating boardwalks, bridge park, access ramp, lower multi-use path, bird-watching platform, low-flow crossing, restroom/rest stop, complete street improvements, etc.