Project Overview

The Rio Hondo Confluence Area Project, also known as RHCAP, was identified in the 2018 Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan and is located at a key opportunity site along the Lower Los Angeles River. Conceptual development is exploring options to connect communities to the RHCAP and create a key gathering place for Southeast Los Angeles.  

Some of the various features being developed are:

  • Improved multiuse paths and connectivity 
  • Restored habitat and open spaces  
  • Cultural arts center with amphitheater 
  • Vegetated river terraces and modified low flow channel 
  • Multiuse bridge parks to connect communities  

One of the signature features of the RHCAP is to incorporate the cultural identity and history of the southeast Los Angeles County communities into the overall programming and design of the site. A proposed Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) Cultural Center being led by the State of California is envisioned to be a focal point of the site. For more information on the SELA Cultural Center, please visit

Opportunity Areas

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Project Concept Report

The RHCAP Concept Report is now available for public view. The Report is broken down into the following:

RHCAP Concept Report Summary

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Site Location and History

Chapter 3: Previous and Ongoing Planning and Projects

Chapter 4: LA River Master Plan Needs Analysis

Chapter 5: Additional Research

Chapter 6: Engagement

Chapter 7: Program Study

Chapter 8: Connectivity

Chapter 9: Projects – Part I (of II)

Chapter 9: Projects – Part II (of II)

Chapter 10: Story Loops

Chapter 11: Resilience

Chapter 12: Technical Reports

Chapter 13: Phasing

Chapter 14: Cost Opinion

Chapter 15: Appendix

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