The Lower LA River Revitalization Plan

In 2015, California State Assembly Bill (AB 530) was passed with the intentions of reviving the Lower Los Angeles River by developing a watershed-based, equitable, community-driven plan. The Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (Plan) describes opportunities for improving the environment and life quality for residents, as well as ensures that the voice of the residents are heard as the river is reimagined and revitalized into an integral part of the community.  The Plan is organized into two volumes and key documents for various purposes of the reader.

Volume I provides an overview of the Lower LA River Working Group efforts in developing the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan, the history of the LA River, and outcomes of the Plan.

Volume II contains in-depth information on the goals and objectives, details of the 155 identified Opportunity Areas, technical analysis of the signature projects, post-plan steps for moving forward, and supporting documents including meeting materials, community input results, and reference documents.