What is the IAG?

Upon completion of the Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan, the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) will ensure projects that are subsequently implemented are carried out in accordance with the Plan and that stakeholders continue to have a voice in implementation. In its role as an advisory body, the IAG will provide guidance on issues presented before them, but ultimately, individual entities with jurisdiction along the river corridor including the LA County Flood Control District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities will continue to have decision-making authority.


IAG meetings will be held quarterly. Check the calendar for meeting dates and materials.


  • Programs & Policies
    • Program/policy/funding opportunities, education, workforce, community health, environmental justice, other equity issues, and Watershed Education Plan advancement
  • Public Advisory & Community Engagement
    • Community representation, engagement, outreach, and forum
  • Public Realm, Environment, Water, & Infrastructure
    • Ecosystem restoration, habitat, water quality, conservation and reuse, and recreation/parks/trails
    • Studies/research related to these topics, active/planned projects, and multi-benefit opportunities
  • Future Committee (as-needed)